Friday, 24 October 2008

Are Ornaments in the Aquarium Harmful to Your Betta ?

They may not harm your Betta, but the ideal aquarium is one which simulates natural conditions as closely as possible.

Sea shells and corals are best reserved for salt-water aquarium and mermaids can be safely relegated to the nursery along with Santa Claus and the pixies.

When shells are used they should be placed with the opening facing down so that any un-eaten food do not accumulate in them.

Stones may be cemented together to form an arch but great care must be taken to cure any cement before the stones in the aquarium.


Under the archyour Betta will play and rest and it becomes covered with green growth (algae) over time and your Betta will discover new browsing places. The effect is quite pleasing to the both eyes (Bettas and human) and also looks very natural to your fishy friend9s).

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