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Lifespan of a Betta Fish

The normal lifespan of a Betta fish is approximately 3 years. But in many cases it has been observed that they lived up to five years. So, 5 years would be maximum life expectancy for a Betta fish.

The betas that you find the pet stores are already in the adult stage and minimum of 6 months to 1 year age. If the fish possess a healthy breathing habit and a sound health the fish will most probably have a better lifespan. You can keep the Betta in sound health by providing it a suitable environment, diet and proper medicines.

Healthy Environment begins with a sufficient amount of living space. That means you have to provide a spacious tank to the Betta. You must also ensure fresh water changes twice every week to make certain that your Betta fish lives for longer in a healthy condition.

The next thing which you have to care of is his diet. These striking beauties can carry out very well with a combination of high quality Betta pellets or other food products specially planned for him. For example Hikari Betta gold in combination with certain live food thrown in the tank for change at least in every three or four days together with some solid or chill dried treats. If you provide them proper diet it will definitely help them to lead a long and healthy life. Proper diet will also improve the bloom of your Betta fish.

Try to make use of as minimum as possible aquarium salts then you didn’t have to worry about proper medications. Most of the diseases that hit the health of Betta happen due to poor water quality. Therefore if your water quality is fine then you need not to worry about diseases. Also treating with any medicine might stimulate nervous tension.

Betta fish breed very well before they get to 1 year of age. They are generally bred from 6 months to 1 year. They usually breed inside bubble nests and do not necessitate any particular tank or apparatus. Actually the male Betta fish looks after nearly the whole thing.

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A.Daniels said...

Great article. Bettas survive longer if they are kept in a great fish tank and are given good quality food. As for how long do betta fish live, i think it's probably 3-5 years if the conditions are great. A great amount of luck is needed too.