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Keeping Two Female Betta Fish Together

Most fanatics are alert that you can’t keep two male Bettas in the same tank. They will battle to death, however most also consider that female Bettas will stay together cordially. This is not always the fact. Female Bettas have more persona and spunk and can be very violent.

It is, though, probable to keep female Bettas in the similar tank and although their plumage is not as attractive as the male, they look wonderful swimming together in same tank. Female Bettas can learn to survive quietly together.

Most significant success aspect is the size of the tank i.e. the larger the better. A big tank will make available plentiful swimming space and the females will experience less aggressive. The next thing is number of fishes present in the tank. Female Bettas form a pecking order when placed with each other. Always keep over two fishes to make possible the procedure and to evade one fish behaving like alpha and choosing on the other.

If all these plans stop working you will have to split out the alpha female and you must also have an infirmary tank to take care of the causalities of this testing.

You have to be aware of individual actions of your fish before you bring them together. Quarantine them for some weeks individually and scrutinize their natural actions. If they are well then let them to come together.

Put all the fish in the tank collectively so that no single fish has any benefit nor does anyone get an opportunity to form territory. Be cautious and watchful. Watch out for violent behavior and make out that no one is getting injured.

In 1-2 days your fish will begin settling down. They may appear hostile chasing each other here and there however this is the natural procedure of development of pecking order. Watch cautiously and then evaluate the behavior of your fish.

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