Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Betta Fish and Their Nature

Bright striking betta fish swimming all over the pretty glass bowls have developed into a very trendy choice of pet for the home. It can be declared that they outshine and outclass even the humble goldfish in fame. People's inquisitiveness for these strange fish doesn't stop with the family home, you can also find betta fish bowls have been put on show in restaurants, company offices and even on tabletops at parties.

Betta fish are in fact durable fishes that wouldn’t stress and die easily. On the other hand, keeping bettas in small bowls or glass jars will not let them thrive nor will they be cheerful. Pay particular attention to their surroundings and necessities, if not, they will turn out to be stressed, thereby resulting in horrific health problems.

Bettas are inhabitant of tropical Asia where they flourish in warm waters and are sometimes found in mud-covered rice paddy ponds. Having an exclusive labyrinth limb situated on the very top of their head allows them to stay alive in this oxygen starved surroundings. Their labyrinth organ permits them to take out oxygen from the air and they do this by just raising their head to the water surface. That is why sometimes you'll find betta fishes hanging motionless on the water surface.

Even though betta fish are pretty capable of existing in undersized bowls or tanks, they do prefer a larger oxygenated tank to survive. A tank range of about 1-3 gallons minimum is suggested. Fit a small filter to the tank. This will not simply clean the tank of macrobiotic wastes, it will also oxygenate their water.

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