Saturday, 1 September 2007

Aquatic Gardens Betta Home with Divider

Aquatic Gardens Betta Home with Divider (5

After searching through a whole lot of online (and offline) shops, we found this wonderful easy to clean, simple, versatile and interesting aquatic Betta fish tank.

It is called an Aquatic Gardens Betta Home with Divider. It is a tough acrylic tank with a removable wave divider that weighs 1.5 pound and measures 7.5 x 8.5 5 inches that lets you keep two (2) Betta fishes and a Planting grid that can be used to hold either live or artificial plants.

Please note, when using the Aquatic Gardens Betta Home with Divider to hold two Betta fishes, always use the divider.

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Eugen said...

I have just bought 3 betta females.
I put them in the same aquarium and in a few seconds they have started to fight so I immediately removed and separated them.
I`ve read that if I want to keep betta females together I should have at least three of them.
Is it possible or not to keep them together in the same aquarium???
Please answer my question as soon as it is possible!
My email is: