Friday, 28 December 2007

Reviewed: Betta Survival: The Ultimate Guide for Taking Care of your Betta Fish

Review: Betta Survival: The Ultimate Guide for Taking Care of your Betta Fish

By Robert A. Van Riet

“Seven easy-to-follow steps for taking care of your Betta!”

Learn how to treat Parasitic, Fungal, Bacterial and other disease!

Learn what the best foods truly are for your Betta Fish!

Learn all the different ways and places to buy or breed Bettas and which ones are the best!

Know why there is a right way and a wrong way to decorate your Betta's Tank!

Learn what to do when your Betta refuses to eat!

Learn how to make your Betta Fish happy and keep it that way!

“How do I keep my Betta alive and healthy?”

Want To Know The Secrets To Keep Your Betta Alive, Healthy, And Happy? Stop Searching! Now You Have Been Introduced To The Betta Survival E-Book!

By following this seven step guide your Betta(s) are GUARANTEED to live a long and healthy life!

This e-book anwers ALL the questions that follow plus more!
• Where Is The Best PlaceTo Buy A Betta Fish?
• What Is The Best Kind Of Home For A Betta?
• How Do I Clean My Betta's Tank And How Should I Modify The Water?
• Are There Dangerous Decorations Or Dangerous Ways To Decorate For Bettas?
• What Is The Best Kind Of Food For My Betta?
• How Do I Watch For Betta Diseases, Prevent Them, And Treat Them?
• How Can I Enjoy My Betta To The Fullest?

All this Information and more Included!

This E-book Includes:

"Step-by-step details to take care of your Betta immediately!"

"Countless hours of research!"

"Information-packed pages of important facts that every Betta owner must know!"

"No filler information!"

"Covers every detail you need to know to keep your Betta healthy!"

"It will not leave your questions unanswered!"

"You can't find this seven step process anywhere else!"

"Easy to read!"

"Uncover inside techniques!"

"Immediately downloadable!"

-Don't waste your time researching!

-It is filled with proven strategies to ensure a healthy, happy Betta!

Comments from some satisfied customers:
"In the past I've had trouble with my Betta fish not eating and/or dying. I couldn't figure out why I kept having these same problems over and over but I finally figured it out!

I found Betta Survival: The Ultimate Guide for Taking Care of Your Betta online. The author explains everything you need to know in 7 easy-to-read steps.

From choosing a Betta to preventing disease, it's all covered in this simplistic step by step guide!"

-Katherine D. (Park Ridge, IL)

Your 100% Money-Back Guarantee: If you’re not happy any time within 2 weeks from your purchase, you can have your money refunded – no questions asked.

For more information, please visit Betta Survival: The Ultimate Guide for Taking Care of your Betta Fish.

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