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Care of Betta Fish in Homes

Care of Betta Fish in Homes

What's the most common pet in the USA? That's a trick question. Although more households own cats and dogs, as you might expect, the most popular pet in terms of sheer numbers is fish. That is, of course, because aquariums almost always contain several fish, and fish fanciers sometimes have hundreds of pets in their homes.
Now comes an alert from the Southern Betta Society, a local group that enjoys owning and breeding Bettas, also known as Siamese Fighting Fish.

Bettas originated in the Orient, and they commonly live in rice paddies and even water puddles. They are one of only a few fish that have developed lungs. This allows them to survive during dry seasons by burying themselves in the mud, with only their mouths exposed to breathe.

Recently, Betta fish have been sold in many stores along with a small aquarium kit that contains a plant and gravel.

The fish will live longer and better lives if several things are done by new owners, according to Cindy Crayton West of the Southern Betta Society.

First, the owner should remove the top of the small aquarium, add the gravel to the bottom and then the plant, water and the fish. They should be fed everyday, or at least every other day. The diet should be one of several prepackaged or frozen Betta foods available at pet supply shops.

To keep the Betta's beautiful fins healthy, the water should be changed at least once a week. Use regular or filtered water with a water conditioner (also available at pet supply stores). Adding a little bit of non-iodized salt will help cut down on fungus. When changing the water, wash the bowls with hot water, but no soap, to kill germs.

Failure to take these steps can result in a lack of air for the Bettas, a lack of nutrients (Bettas are voracious eaters) and the formation of parasites that will destroy their fins.

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