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Main Factors Causing Death in Betta Fish

There are mainly 10 factors that are mainly responsible for the death of betta fishes. Generally bettas will make an effort to be in touch with us when anything goes wrong! They show us symptoms like gasping, thrashing about, jumping from tanks, hiding clamped on their gravel, or by some type of visual appearance indications.

The factors responsible for the sudden death of betta fishes are as follows:-

1. Chilly temperatures for long hours (generally leading to itch and consequent problems)

2. Unexpected, variable temperatures (the pressure can show the way to itch, funguses, or parasitical diseases)

3. Bad water quality shows the way to generally poor health and slight resistance to opportunistic aquarium illnesses.

4. Fin Rot, which is generally caused due to bad water quality.

5. Dropsy (a few betta fishes are just going to acquire this disease)

6. Tumors (the main reasons for the formation of tumors in bettas are not known)

7. Swim Bladder illness and Constipation, occurs in bettas because of weak intestinal organs or inappropriate feeding programs

8. Bowl Jumping, generally a result of unexpected unintentional poisoning or long-drawn-out poisonous situations.

9. Over-Medicating - directs to a poisonous circumstances for a betta fish who is stressed in the initial place. Mostly medicines are excessively strong for bettas, and many demanding betta possessors give poison to their bettas with medicated cocktails.

10. Euthanasia – This is the stage when the owner of the fish takes sympathy on his poor betta and help out them to die as an action of benevolence.

Note: Betta fishes are in fact attractive and enduring little fish once their least necessities are met.

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