Saturday, 31 May 2008

Is Betta Your Pet or You Betta's

To know whether the betta fish's are your pet or you are their, you have to go through the following checklist.

You are a betta's pet when

1. You permit your water age for 1 hour, 1 day or even quite a few, only to be confident although you already know that the water is harmless seconds after adding your dechlorinator.

2. You are persistently thinking of fresh things that would be suitable for your betta bowl for the reason that your betta wants new toys.

3. You can't avoid checking out the collection of bettas in each pet store, even if you have sufficient.

4. You stare at your betta at work when you should be carrying out your other important works, and support your co-workers to come closer and see "the adorable thing he's doing".

5. You discover yourself searching for female bettas that would produce attractive babies with your pet male betas.

6. You're constantly going through your much loved old novels to get some of the very best names for your new betta fish.

7. You can't defend against overfeeding your betta fish as it enjoys his food very much.

8. Your family begins speculating when you feel you will have sufficient betas.

9. At the slightest sign of fin rot, you straight away getaway the aquarium salt, bettafix, tetracycline, pH adjuster and fungicide, to mix up an emergency medicinal cocktail.

Therefore, how many of these are correct in your case?

1-3 checked - Unwary Betta Victim
You noticeably are still green to this betta game.

4-6 checked - Betta pet
You are a usual betta pet owner. You beautify your new betta bowls to go with your fish. People have discovered you dance around in joy at your initial real bubble nest.

7-8 checked - Betta Fan
You test out the Fish Forum daily morning, at lunch, and prior to bedtime, for your betta fix. You are dreaming of growing brine shrimp as extravagance for your much loved bettas and have influenced everybody in your direct personal circle to possess a betta of their own.

All 9 checked - Discouraging Case
You are aware of your trouble. You keep betta pictures in your money purse and your own kids are envious. Although you are conscious of your condition, you turn down cure.

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