Thursday, 31 December 2009

Causes of Cloudy Water

Every aquarium has undergone the situation of cloudy water at one point or another. Depending on what the exact reason was, combating this trouble is usually very simple. At times however, it takes a more multifaceted process. In any case, the causes of cloudy water can be determined by the color or shade of the water itself.

White Water
This is normally caused by suspended sand particles in the water line. It generally occurs in newer tanks or tanks in which a fresh substrate was just installed. To dispose of these particles more rapidly, you can just use mechanical filtration. All through this procedure, you want to forward the water movement in the tank and considerably decrease the motions.

Yellow Water
This is caused by dissolved organic compounds or too much protein. To fight this trouble reducing the quantity of food you offer to your fish will help. Protein skimmers also assist a lot. You must also boost the tank's organic filtration and vacuum up any unnecessary substrates and remains. You should clean the mechanical filtration media also.

Green Water
This is caused by green algae. To get rid of this you should employ a good flocculent product like Kent Marine's Pro-Clear to join these particles. Then take away them with mechanical filtration. Take out all the cases of algae in addition to surplus nitrates and phosphates. Take away any uneaten food and rotten plants. Carry out a water prospect and evaluate the water's nitrate, phosphate, and pH levels.

Brown Water
This is caused by freely suspended brown/golden diatom algae particles which are directly caused by brown algae. Employ a consistent flocculent product to tie the tiny pieces of remains into easier to filter out masses. Take away all the particles with a mechanical filtration system and free your tank of all the algae bloom, the nitrates, and silicates also.

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