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What Are The Favorable Water Conditions For The Existence Of Betta Fish?

Being a stringently tropical fish, bettas do need warm temperatures of nearly 78 degrees Fahrenheit. They can tolerate cooler temperatures, however won't be happy, nor will they thrive. What betta fish won't accommodate with however is a changeable water temperature. Betta bowls or containers can differ in temperature considerably from night to day. These fluctuations will put sprain on your betta fish causing illness. Betta tanks may have a heater with a thermostat installed to maintain the water temperature steady and warm. Placing your betta fish in sunlight to warm it up, or by employing an outer heater will not be enough, and in reality could cause greater fluctuations in temperature.

Water pH is a lesser distress for betta owners. Bettas will put up with a wide pH range, so long as it continues to be steady and does not excessively vary. Like fluctuating water temperatures, a fluctuating pH will harm your fish.

Betta owners prefer to view their beautiful bettas and will every now and then, innocently leave their betta bowls or tanks without any plants or hiding spots so that they can be visible. Bettas prefer to be able to fade away from peering eyes from time to time. By having no place to hide, they will feel susceptible to predators and astounding light, which will again hurt them.

While choosing decorations and plants for their tanks, it is most excellent to go for living plants as these facilitate with the cycling and oxygenating of the water. Rough edged plastic plants and ornaments can hurt your fish extended fins, causing tears. Floating plants will filter light and make available an arrangement for when your betta fish likes to build up a bubble nest.

Last of all, betta fish are infamous for jumping, particularly throughout the night. A top for your betta fish tank is necessary if you like your fish to remain in his tank. A jumping fish in an uncovered aquarium will, without a hesitation, finish up dead.

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