Thursday, 3 April 2008

Adding Air Stones and Bubblers in your Betta Fish Aquarium

Though nearly everybody knows that a betta fish aquarium doesn't require any air stone or filter - actually, that is why these fishes are so well-liked - there are adherents who like the look of a column of bubbles in their tanks.

Normally, betta fish does not like current in their water. They like better a pleasant, still surrounding with numerous things to look at outside the bowl. A bubbler type of ruins their Zen stillness, however it's still achievable to add one in the tank if you truly want one.

The most important thing to keep in mind is you have to break up the current. You can hide the bubbler, initially, and place a stack of rocks, few plants or an attractive toy over the air stone, to break up the bubble flow.

You can also acquire gangway valves (very reasonably priced and undemanding to install; simply ask for one at your pet shop) that directs the flow of air coming into your stones. With a little testing, you can regulate the valve to allow only a lethargic trickle of air through the tank.

If the betta fish tank is big and can contain approximately 10 gallon of water then you can place a bubbler in one corner. The betta fish can easily move to the other corners when he has a desire to rest.

If you have any current flowing through the betta fish's tank, think about purchasing a cave or other aquarium toy for him to hideaway. Betta fish likes resting on and in their caves anyhow and even have a desire to sleep on top of aquatic plant leaves.

If your betta fish feels relaxed in his resting area, you may also experience that it move towards the bubble stream many a times and test out things. A few betta fishes are more inquisitive than others. Some bettas are scared of bubblers and will be a discontented little fish if one is imposed on them. You will have to observe your betta fish and note down how he responds to the existence of an air stone.

You should also not forget that in case if there is any current in your betta fish's aquarium, he will not be capable to create a bubblenest. Bubblenest building is a thing which all the bettas like, so you might feel to take out the bubbler at times, to permit him some creative expression time!

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Ireland G said...

Although it is true that there should not be any strong current in a betta’s tank they actually do need a filter. Contrary to “common knowledge”, betta’s do not live in small mud puddles in the wild. They actually live in the expansive river systems of South Asia.