Thursday, 3 April 2008

How to Keep Betta Fish and Other Pets in Same House

It's quite easy to keep betta fish and other pets like dogs and cats together in same house if you follow certain important points. The main difficulty of putting fish tanks and dogs together is generally a rambunctious dog throwing down the tank. A mischievous dog or powerfully wagging tail can throw a fish bowl right onto the floor.

Dogs generally don't pay interest to fish like the cats do. Actually dogs don't pay attention to the activities of a fish. If you keep the betta fish bowl up in a safe height then, everything would be all right.

If you place a cover on the bowl, then you won't have to be concerned about a dog playing with a jumping fish that has fallen down on the floor. A cover on the top is only a reasonable safety measure anyhow. Make certain that the seal is not hermetically sealed, so the betta will get fresh oxygen to breathe.

If you have a dog that is excessively fascinated in the activities of your fish, you might have a desire to dog proof your bowl as you would do if you had a cat.

Cats are born fishers! However cats can be trained! To guarantee the protection of your fish, although, there are strategies you can apply to make their surroundings a harmless one.

Training cat needs patience. You can train your cat to "sit" and "stay" and "Lie down", along with other tricks to keep them away from being aggressive with your fish. We should also take great care of our kittens and cats and give them what they require to be hale and hearty so that they will not imitate. Try to be their friend and well- wisher and they will be yours!

An aquarium is always the most excellent option for your fishes' security and well-being. In addition supporting good water quality to guarantee a longer, happier life for your betta fish, a tank comes with a cover! This is certainly a great security from the outside world - together with kitty's cute little paws and claws!

Specially made table and cabinets are also available in which you can place the aquarium to keep it away from anything or anybody falling into or else getting into the aquarium!

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George Newman said...

We have a male beta in our family for two years or more with great health.

This morning he appears to be dying. I did not want to add anything to his tank because of the "delicate" balance you mentioned. I was hoping that putting the tank in sunlight might help. This water has never seen sunlight and I figured this might decrease the bad bacteria load.

Any thought?

teresamarie said...

go to a local fish store. The average life span of a beta is 4 to 5 years, no he might have an infection. Either way, a fish store should be happy to take him until he is better as long as you pay for the ani-fungal or other med fees(around $10)