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Adding Gravels in Betta fish Aquarium

If you follow up a regular schedule of cleaning your betta fish tank by changing water and cleaning daily with the help of an aquarium vacuum, then there is no requirement of any gravel in the tank at all. In case if your tank is small with respect to the number of betta fish you possess then you should follow up entire water change and should not think about gravel.

On the other hand, if you possess gallon or big betta tanks, you will almost certainly have a desire to add to decorate with some attractive bottom cover. For bettas, it's essential to choose smooth-edged gravel that will not catch fragile, flowy fins of betta fish.

Always keep in mind that if in any case the fin of betta fish gets ripped, he gets extremely vulnerable to picking up the fungus which is the root cause of fin rot. Therefore it is very essential to employ smooth gravel with your betta fish. This is not that much essential in the case of short-finned plakat betta males or betta females.

Actually, the round edges of smooth gravel are good for bettas. You can utilize gravel of any dimension. Mostly people utilize large, smooth glass stones from craft stores for their betta fish tanks. Always make sure that you conscientiously clean up the uneaten foods and poops. In most of the cases, the water of the tank turns unhealthy and foul due to the cruds which slip down under the gaps of the stones. Again, the solution is cleaning routinely.

Betta fish doesn't have any fascination towards the color of the gravel. You can you’re your idea and can select color as per your choice.

Before adding gravel, don't forget to wash them under running water to remove all the dust from it. It doesn't matter whether you use hot or cold water for washing the gravels but don't make use of soap. Now you can add gravel to the tank followed by your desired decorations, and water with dechlorinator. On getting the desired temperature of water for your betta fish just add your betta fish to the tank.

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