Thursday, 3 April 2008

Toys for Your Betta Fish

You would definitely know that your pet aquarium betta fish also require a bit of incentive. In the wild, there are numerous types of pastimes like avoiding predators, search for food, swim upstream, looking for mates; hide as required and in the tank, a fish can simply become fed up. Fin nipping and fish chasing are some of the activities which signifies that your fish is bored. A lonesome fish can turn out to be lethargic and insecure, or can pay too much interest to anything happening outside the tank. Though this is all right, but you would not be there at all times to see it. Adding some fun fish toys can facilitate your little fish with some friend.

The fun toys for your betta fish should be:
• Something to swim under or through
• Something to rest on
• Something to hide under
• Bright colors
• Soft, smooth edges
• Something that creates gentle bubbles
• Objects prepared with stone, hard plastics, glass or silk (ie - silk plants). Be cautious of adding things to the tank that can alter its chemistry or seep out contaminants, or porous objects that will support additional growths of algae.

Some of the objects that you can use are:
• Hamster tubes
• Parakeet ladders
• Fish caves and other aquarium decorations
• Silk plants, or plastic plants with no sharp edges
• Live plants
• Freshwater snail shells
• Live snails
• Smooth river rocks
• Smooth slabs of shale
• Small terra-cotta pots, rested on their sides
• Glass beads

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woww..thanks a lot of the choices! I can't wait to look for those toys for my Blue Rain =)