Thursday, 3 April 2008

Setting Up the Tank for Your Betta Fish

If you have bought a new Betta Fish, then you might be worried about setting its new home properly. So, following are a few steps that would make your hurdle easier.

• If your fish is in a cup or bag, put him on your counter in a secured place as you set up his new home.

• A betta fish is pleased in nearly everything water-resistant. Most of the people use big bowls or small tank aquariums. You should clean the container with hot water, without any soap or other disinfectant. Always keep in mind that soap would be deadly to your betta fish.

• Clean the container with a fresh cloth or paper towels.

• You can also put in some gravel, caves, toys or decorations whichever you want. You will, certainly, have by now cleaned these items underneath hot water! You can also clean old decorations, algae or "crud" with the help of a new toothbrush, or by prolonged soaking in hot water.

• Fill warm or room temperature tap water in the container. Settle on what warmth your betta's water will be and make an effort to get that set up before you add your fish in it. A small aquarium thermometer is very useful for setting up water the way your betta fish will prefer it.

• Put dechlorinator in the container as per the quantity suggested on the bottle. This makes water harmless for your betta fish. If you do not have a dechlorinator, allow the water sit out all night to "clear" the chlorine. Though, you must have to get some dechlorinator ultimately. Luckily, it is quite low-priced and time and again adds somewhat of useful slime coat additive. Generally all you require is one drop/gallon of water...and the bottle lasts for a long time.

• Add anything else you think you need to the water or container. A few people prefer a little of aquarium salt as a propylactic (disease preventive); and there are all types of ways to fight untidiness with your water chemistry, similar to adding pH remedies. It is better on your part to avoid as your betta will automatically adapt to the water pH and inappropriately added pH chemicals can burn your betta fish.

• Lastly, float your new betta fish in the new tank. Throw away water from the bag or cup as that water is possibly dirty.

• Place the tank in its place. Try to place the tank in such a place that it remains out of direct sunlight, away from drafts, and off of electrical appliances.

That's it. You don't require any additional filters, bubblers or other device. Betta fish is a very undemanding fish, provided that you maintain his water clean and the temperatures even.

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