Thursday, 3 April 2008

Changing Colors of Betta Fish

Very little people in this world know that Bettas can change colors. This is common and nothing to be concerned about.

Most of the betta fish used to start their life as pearlescent white or piebald. As the time gets passed on a few color patches appears on their body which gradually covers the entire body and after a certain time your betta fish gets completely unrecognizable.

In most of the cases a male betta fish used to react to great circumstances - appropriate temperatures, hygienic water and a protected hidey hole - by coloring up beautifully. A male who is brought into breeding appearance (higher temps, many live foods) will excel up further brightly. A female betta fish who is prepared to mate generally (not always) builds up vertical striping, in the middle of no matter what color she has, to at her finest.

Female betta fish's mostly were of dull colors initially, although can flourish into some very attractive, bright colors when they feel secure, and are appropriately taken care of. Despite that, generally a bright female betta fish can relapse back to those brownish tangential strips and be deficient of pigmentation when frightened or discontented. Also, a male betta fish, which is very much terrified, might drop color and demonstrate fear stripes.

If this happens in any case, just take away the traumatic or terrifying circumstances (ie – contaminated water quality, children shaking the tank, whatsoever), put in a drop of slime coat preservative or aquarium salt for some further healing, and leave them lonely for a sometime. They should get back their color when they are feeling passive all over again.

Last of all, if a betta fish has injured fins, they might grow get back to dull colors. They generally color up in due course with appropriate betta care!

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