Thursday, 3 April 2008

Bowl Jumping of Betta Fish

Many a times you have seen that bettas jump out of their bowls. The below article will tell you more about this.

At times a betta fish will not recognize that it is not jumping into further water. In the "wild", a betta fish used to jump from one wet pond to another – to move to one which is bigger. As bettas breathe oxygen straight from the air, a betta fish will stay active as long as it stays wet. If it wriggles and jumps around, it might simply find a better water hole for himself. Bettas are very strong as per body strength in comparison to other fishes and can jump quite high and far.

In your bowl, it will usually stay right where it is. At times it will jump out by mistake. You can help betta to recognize the upper surface of the water by putting a cover on the top of your bowl or by placing some floating toys.

Many a times a betta fish jumps from his tank intentionally. This happens if he has just been placed into a new bowl. You should cover your bowl for a week or so - until he adapts his surroundings.

Be cautious of those tanks that have break up regions for more than one bettas in one tank - a lot of betta fancier has come home to discover their males together, splitted to shreds, or even dead. A betta male will make an effort to jump into those special sections if they can. In this type of case you must maintain the water to a low level so that your betta fish cannot jump the hurdles.

A betta fish may also jump from his tank to get rid of bad water conditions. Just ensure that you make available clean, dechlorinated water to the betta fish. The smaller the size of the tank is, the more essential this is. If he is provided with bad water conditions, he will do everything he can do to get rid of that water.

Finally, at times bettas jump from their tanks as the tanks were filled with additional water mostly after adding water or doing a water change.

If you return home and discover your betta fish on the floor, straight away put it back in water! It might still be breathing and might get well soon. Always keep in mind, that betta fish can keep breathing very easily from the air, and won't be dead unless he's dried out.

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