Thursday, 3 April 2008

Hiding Spots for Bettas

Bettas like being the center of attraction in your home. They are inquisitive little beings and flourish when they can observe the world go by. However, a betta fish also require a place to move away for peaceful expression and solitude. You can effortlessly make available your betta fish with a "room of his own".

Depending on the dimensions of your betta fish tank, there are all types of caves, rocks, toys and decorations where a betta fish can conceal from the world.

In betta fish tanks of small dimension – you can make available big fresh water snail shells. Betta fish will bend in these for sleeping and concealing themselves. If you have a big freshwater snail shell, be certain to draw off the "bottom crud" from the center of the shell – weekly or as required - with a turkey baster. This will avert fin rot.

You can also put in small terra cotta pots for creating wonderful betta caves. You can also pile things like rocks to build a betta cave. Be cautious to place the whole thing so it will be very unwavering in the tank - or else you could cover your poor fish, or in any case hurt him, when the rocks reallocate.

You can make well-built and attractive caves from all types of substances if you stick them jointly with aquarium silicone. This is a great mode to maintain rock caves from breaking up!

Make certain your hidey hole is smooth, with round edges. Doesn't matter what you select as a "room" for your betta fish, he will feel more comfortable if he knows he has a safe place to hide in. Though, don't be concerned about never seeing him another time. Inconsistently, having a shady, secretive little recoil will make him even more liable to come out and play!

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