Thursday, 3 April 2008

Adding Suitable Companion to Betta Fish

You might be experiencing a huge confusion in choosing the suitable companion for your betta fish. However, you should keep in mind that betas love to be alone. The companion you choose should be one who can assist you to clean up gravel and algae.

Gravel Cleaners

1. Corydoras Catfish – These fishes are perfect option for unfiltered tanks as like betta these fishes also swim up for a guzzle of air. They will also keep your gravel clean by separating and excavating around for additional food and other things. In view of the fact that these fishes prefer company, the most excellent thing will be to have groups of three corys. If three is not possible, then it should be at least in the group of two. Don't forget to place some caves or other hideouts for these cats.

2. African Dwarf Frogs – These companions are again great gravel cleaners. African Dwarf frogs are actually underwater amphibians. At frequent intervals they swim up to the surface of water for guzzle of air, and also don't require any filter. You have to provide it with a cave or a rock in which it can make hole and a floating plant. They will time and again hang still at the surface, for no matter what reason, or move stealthily in around the decoration.

3. Ghost Shrimp– They are used as a companion mostly because they are a fun to watch. However, betta used to eat them most of the times. You can't put salt or medications in these tanks. These shrimps are the perfect choice for the betta fish owners with small tanks.

Algae Eaters

1. Otocinclus - these small wall suckers are wonderful for taking away algae from your tank walls, plants and decorations. Extremely calm and attractive, and will also guzzle air if you don't have a filter in your tank. Bettas can create problem for them, if they are feeling tired of something, so make available a hidey hole. Oto Cats prefer the company of their own kind, but won't hang around if they are alone.

2. Chinese Algae Eaters– These were very attractive initially, they get violent when they grow-up. They also become quite big.

3. Livebearers– They will throw away algae, although this isn't truly their specialty.

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Smisty said...

DO NOT KEEP THEM WITH LIVEBEARERS! All Betta's will attack other fish that are brightly coloured or with long fins, and the larger livebearers will Nip at male Bettas.CHINESE ALGAE EATERS WILL ATTACK Bettas! Female betta's can be kept in groups with other larger semi-aggressive fish that can't swallow them whole (I had to remove mine from my dwarf cichlid tank because they were harassing the bigger fish) Do NOT keep Male Bettas with females! Male Bettas are best kept with schools small peaceful fish, glass catfish, corydoras, dwarf clawed frogs, shrimp, ect..